Topics of my teaching so far include Ancient Greek philosophy, the Rationalists, Kant, 19ᵗʰ and 20ᵗʰ century philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Technology, Digital Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Latin American Philosophy, and Intercultural Philosophy. The material of the courses below has been intended mainly for student use before or during the course, but it may also be useful or inspiring to others.

Künstliche Intelligenz und Menschliches Denken
German-language online seminar on AI and its intertwinement with human thought.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Orientation
International online seminar on how AI writing changes human orientation

Fokusgruppe Grundlagen der Digitalitätsphilosophie
German-speaking research and discussion group (online)

The Self: Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives
Course on the self at the University of Vienna in Summer 2018

Technology, Knowledge, and Human Life
Three lecture courses at the University of California at Santa Cruz

Latin American Philosophy
Lecture course at the University of California at Santa Cruz

Interkulturelle Philosophie
4 courses in German at Munich University. Each semester focused on different philosophers

Further courses taught or assisted include:
• Philosophical Methods (UC Berkeley)
• Rationalists (2*, UC Santa Cruz)
• Ancient Greek Philosophy (2*, UC Santa Cruz)